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Case Studies and Success Stories

A powerful cosmetics giant consulted BOC Sciences for PEG-class products - Poly(ethylene glycol) diglycidyl ether. The customer planned to use it in medical aesthetics, so there were strict requirements for the molecular weight and stability of the product.

Scientists at BOC Sciences challenged a new synthetic route, taking into account factors such as starting materials, reaction conditions, and purification methods. Benefiting from our rich accumulation of synthesis technology, the scientists ultimately succeeded in synthesizing 10g of qualified products in the laboratory.

However, to successfully scale up production from 10g to 1kg, the stability of the product faced challenges again. During the production process, our team paid special attention to sampling inspections and testing, thoroughly examining key parameters of PEG products such as purity, molecular weight, and particle size. With BOC Sciences' senior experience in technology, we achieved smooth production from 10g to 1kg in the GMP factory, the customer ultimately chose to collaborate with BOC Sciences.

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