PEG & Diagnosis Solutions

PEG and Diagnosis Solutions

The properties of PEG have been explored in diagnostics in which it has found its role in the delivery of diagnostic probes for magnetic resonance and radiological techniques. Diagnostic agents are usually given in conjugation with macromolecules such as polymers, antibodies, and recognition proteins, or as targeted nanocarrier systems to provide targeted delivery and accumulation. Incorporation of PEG in such systems has shown to further increase their efficiency through site-selective biodistribution. BOC Sciences is a leading provider of comprehensive, high-quality PEG and custom PEG services. We offer a variety of PEG conjugations as well as other PEG solutions. We hope to collaborate with you to explore new frontiers in the biological sciences and accelerate your discoveries.

What Can PEG Offer for Diagnosis?

Currently, research and development efforts on new applications of PEG and its derivatives are mainly focused on drug delivery and targeted diagnostics. Important parameters affecting the biological activity of PEGylated drugs include the length of the PEG chain, the PEGylation site, the linker chemistry, and the temperature chosen for the PEGylation reaction. For example, heat treatment can increase the bioactivity of C-terminal PEGylated staphylokinase, while the pentyl linker of 20 kDa PEG significantly increases the bioactivity of staphylokinase. Furthermore, PEGylation of proteins is largely influenced by the solvents used in the PEGylation process. Peng et al. found that compared with PEGylation in aqueous phase, organic solvents such as DMSO increased the degree of PEGylation, minimized PEG hydrolysis, and decreased the PEGylation time of hydrophobic proteins. Selection of organic solvents for hydrophobic proteins has the potential to reduce reagent costs and reaction times, and these parameters are important for industrial-scale PEGylation processes.

Fig. 1. The effect of PEGylation on the formulation stability and drug passive targetingFig. 1. The effect of PEGylation on the formulation's stability and drug passive targeting (Journal of Controlled Release. 2022: 215-230).

PEG Development and Manufacturing Capabilities

BOC Sciences is committed to offering constant customer satisfaction and supporting research in life science, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology by discovering, developing, manufacturing, and delivering innovative products and services. Our lipid and PEG branches provide highly competitive chemicals and comprehensive solutions to customers worldwide, intending to improve pharmaceutical bioavailability.

Our PEG Solutions for Diagnosis

BOC Sciences can meet the needs of new and existing customers and provide customized PEG & diagnostic solutions on time and on budget. Our skilled and dedicated researchers ensure that the most appropriate methods and techniques are selected for each professional PEG diagnostic development project. BOC Sciences provides world-class chemical synthesis and conjugation services of various PEG compounds at competitive prices.

  • Custom development and synthesis of functionalized and structured PEGs
  • PEGylation site screening and validation
  • Selection of PEGylation reaction conditions
  • PEG conjugation strategy development and validation
  • Characteristic evaluation and safety evaluation
  • Assay development and screening

Our PEG Solution Service Workflow

Our PEG Solution Service Workflow

Our Strengths in PEG Development and Manufacturing

  • One-stop development solutions
  • Responsive project management
  • Professional and skilled research team
  • Rich experience in pegylation technology
  • Well-equipped comprehensive analytical support
  • Pilot and commercial scale production

With comprehensive and advanced PEG development technologies, we at BOC Sciences are committed to exploring the versatility and practicality of PEG in different medical fields such as diagnostics. Depending on your needs, we can functionalize and structuralize specific PEGs and build PEGylated solutions for medical diagnostics and imaging diagnosis. We can also apply this strategy to drug delivery and vaccine development. If you are interested in our PEG solutions in the medical field, please contact us for more information.

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BOC Sciences supplies a unique variety of PEG derivatives and functional PEG polymers. Our products offer the most diverse collection of reactivity, ready-to-use functionality, and molecular weight options that you will not find anywhere else.

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PEGylation of Peptides
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