SCM PEG is a PEG derivative with a reactive group of succinimidic carboxymethyl ester. This reactive group can react with amino acid residues (e.g., those on the surface of proteins) to form stable ester-bonded linkages. This functionalized PEG is commonly used for protein modification, labeling, and coupling. BOC Sciences offers a wide range of SCM PEGs bonded to a variety of groups, which can be Azido, Biotin, Acrylate, Galactose, Glucose, MAL, SCM, and others. We offer functionalized PEG derivatives that are commonly used in the fields of protein modification, drug delivery, and nanodrug delivery.


Examples of SCM PEG


MAL-PEG-SCM is a linear heterofunctional PEG reagent with a maleimide and a succinimidyl carboxymethyl ester group at each end of the molecular chain. The maleimide group can selectively undergo a Michael addition reaction with thiols to form stable C-S bonds at pH 6.5-7.5. SCM is an NHS ester commonly known as succinimidyl carboxymethyl (SCM) ester, which is highly reactive with primary amines to form stable amide bonds. MAL-PEG-SCM can be used to introduce amine reactive functionalities into cross-linked PEG hydrogels.


Fluorescein-PEG-SCM is a special type of functionalized PEG derivative that provides highly visible and easily detectable fluorescent signals for a variety of imaging and diagnostic purposes due to its fluorescein moiety. By binding Fluorescein-PEG-SCM to drug molecules, the drug delivery process can be fluorescently tracked, thus facilitating targeted drug release.


Glucose-PEG-SCM is a multifunctional PEG with a glucose moiety on one end and a succinimidic carboxymethyl ester on the other. Succinimidic carboxymethyl ester can be bonded to the free amino group of the active drug, and the coupling produces an aminoacetic acid bond that is more stable than the ester bond. It is widely used in products that react with drug coupling.

Characteristics of SCM PEG

Easily Modified

SCM PEG, as a functionalized PEG derivative, is easy to react with amino acid residues, and can be made into Boc-NH-PEG-SCM, Fmoc-NH-PEG-SCM and so on. This functionalized SCM PEG can form stable ester bonds and is widely used for protein labeling, modification and coupling.


Because the PEG in SCM PEG is biocompatible, it reduces immunogenicity and toxicity in biological systems and offers the possibility of greater functionality through linked reactive groups.

Factors Affecting SCM PEG Preparation

Factors affecting SCM PEG preparation include the following:

  • Molecular weight and length of PEG: The molecular weight and length of PEG need to be controlled as the length and molecular weight of PEG will have an effect on the reaction conditions and results.
  • Reaction conditions: Temperature, pH and time for the preparation of SCM PEG are also a factor that affects its yield, and the reaction conditions need to be optimized in order to achieve high yield and purity.
  • Purification conditions: The purification method and process will have a certain impact on the crude SCM PEG product, we need to choose the appropriate method and process to remove excess reagents, by-products and impurities.

Application of SCM PEG

Based on the structural and chemical characteristics of SCM PEG, it can be widely used in the following fields:

  • Biomolecular labeling - Construction of drug delivery systems, preparation of biosensors, and synthesis of fluorescent probes, etc.
  • Drug delivery systems - To improve the solubility, stability and in vivo bioavailability of drugs, as well as to improve the pharmacokinetic properties of drugs and enable targeted delivery.
  • Biomedical imaging - Visualization and quantitative analysis of specific molecules, cells or biological processes.
  • Tissue engineering - To improve cell attachment, proliferation and differentiation, and to increase the success rate of tissue engineering constructs.

BOC Sciences, as a leading company in biotechnology, provides high-quality SCM PEG and related products to support scientific progress and innovation. If you are interested in our products, please keep in touch with us.

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