DBCO PEG is a polymer also known as dibenzocyclooctene PEG. It is a low hydrophobic and highly biocompatible polymer composed of repeating units of DBCO and PEG. DBCO moieties can efficiently and selectively react with azo groups to form stable triazole linkages. In addition, the DBCO functional group is connected to the PEG backbone through stable covalent bonds, ensuring the stability and integrity of the polymer structure. Due to its water solubility and biocompatibility, DBCO PEG becomes an ideal bioconjugate material, which is widely used in biomedicine and other fields.

Application of PEG 2000-DBCOFig. 1. Application of PEG 2000-DBCO (Sci Rep. 2022, 12: 10564).

How to Prepare DBCO PEG?

Step 1 - Synthesis of DBCO-PEG monomer. A monomer with DBCO and PEG units is synthesized first. This monomer can be prepared by reacting DBCO and PEG monomer.

Step 2 - Polymerization reaction. The DBCO-PEG monomer is subjected to a polymerization reaction.

Step 3 - Purification and isolation. After dissolving the polymer with a suitable solvent, the polymer was purified and isolated by filtration, centrifugation and freeze drying.

Step 4 - Characterization. The physicochemical properties of DBCO PEG such as molecular weight, structure and purity are characterized by analytical techniques such as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), gel permeation chromatography (GPC) and mass spectrometry (MS).

Step 5 - Storage. DBCO PEG is highly stable and can be stored in dry, light-protected, low-temperature storage and redissolved for use as needed.

Functionality of DBCO PEG

DBCO PEG acts as a valuable linker in bioconjugation and drug delivery applications. Its unique reactivity with azide-functionalized molecules enables the efficient coupling of biomolecules (e.g., proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids) to various compounds or surfaces. This bioorthogonal click chemistry occurs rapidly and selectively under mild conditions, minimizing unwanted side reactions and preserving the activity of the biomolecule. In addition, the hydrophilic nature of the PEG backbone enhances the stability and biocompatibility of the conjugated product.

Applications of DBCO PEG

DBCO PEG has a wide range of applications in drug delivery, diagnostics and therapeutics. In drug delivery, DBCO PEG can be used to incorporate small molecule drugs into nanoparticles or liposomes to improve pharmacokinetics, biodistribution and therapeutic efficacy. In diagnostics, DBCO PEG can be used to affix antibodies or other biomolecules to nanoparticles or other surfaces to improve the sensitivity and specificity of diagnostic assays. In therapeutics, DBCO PEGs can be used to bind antibodies or other biomolecules to targeted delivery vehicles to improve therapeutic efficacy and reduce toxicity.

Advantages of DBCO PEG

DBCO PEG offers several advantages over other bioconjugation tools.

  • The CuAAC reaction between DBCO PEG and the azide group is efficient and selective, leading to the formation of stable triazole bonds that can withstand a wide range of physiological conditions.
  • DBCO PEG is hydrophilic and biocompatible, making it an ideal bioconjugate for a variety of applications.
  • DBCO PEG can be easily synthesized using solid-phase supported synthesis methods, resulting in high purity and reproducibility.

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