Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
BPG-3213 C16:1 Ceramide-[d7] 1942907-49-4 Inquiry
BPG-3214 14:0-13:0-14:0 TG-[d5] 2342574-78-9 Inquiry
BPG-3215 14:0-17:1-14:0 TG-[d5] 2342574-82-5 Inquiry
BPG-3216 16:0-17:1-16:0 TG-[d5] 2342574-83-6 Inquiry
BPG-3217 16:0-15:1-16:0 TG-[d5] 2342574-85-8 Inquiry
BPG-3218 16:0-19:2-16:0 TG-[d5] 2342574-87-0 Inquiry
BPG-3219 Glycodeoxycholic acid-[2,2,4,4-d4] 1069132-37-1 Inquiry
BPG-3220 18:1-19:2-18:1 TG-[d5] 2342574-89-2 Inquiry
BPG-3221 18:1-21:2-18:1 TG-[d5] 2342574-90-5 Inquiry
BPG-3222 18:1-17:1-18:1 TG-[d5] 2342574-91-6 Inquiry
BPG-3223 18:1 Lyso PE-[d7] 2260669-47-2 Inquiry
BPG-3224 Taurodeoxycholic Acid-[d4] Sodium Salt 2410279-82-0 Inquiry
BPG-3225 Glycochenodeoxycholic acid-2,2,4,4-[d4] 1201918-16-2 Inquiry
BPG-3226 Taurochenodeoxycholic acid-d4, sodium salt 2410279-85-3 Inquiry
BPG-3227 C18(plasm)-18:1 PE-[d9] 2315262-04-3 Inquiry
BPG-3228 C18(plasm)-18:1 PC-[d9] 2315262-03-2 Inquiry
BPG-3229 15:0-18:1 DG 67889-40-1 Inquiry
BPG-3230 15:0-18:1-15:0 TG 869990-13-6 Inquiry
BPG-3231 1-Oleoyl-rac-glycerol 111-03-5 Inquiry
BPG-3232 Lithocholic acid-2,2,4,4-[d4] 83701-16-0 Inquiry

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BOC Sciences supplies a unique variety of PEG derivatives and functional PEG polymers. Our products offer the most diverse collection of reactivity, ready-to-use functionality, and molecular weight options that you will not find anywhere else.

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PEGylation of Peptides and Proteins

PEGylation of Peptides
and Proteins

Reduce the Immunogenicity of Peptide/Protein Drugs

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PEG linkers For Drug

Improved Circulation Half-Life

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