Lipids For Bicelle Formation

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BPG-3100 14:0 PE-DTPA (Gd) Diammonium salt 2260795-83-1 Inquiry
BPG-3101 Coag Reagent I Inquiry
BPG-3102 Upstate Lipid Blend Inquiry
BPG-3103 PAMPA Lipid Blend I Inquiry
BPG-3104 DC-Chol/DOPE Blend Inquiry
BPG-3105 14:0 PE-DTPA 384832-89-7 Inquiry
BPG-3106 1,2-Di-O-Tetradecyl-sn-Glycero-3-Phosphatidylcholine 36314-48-4 Inquiry

What is Bicelle?

Bicelles are a type of nanostructure composed of a mixture of lipids, consisting of two different types of lipid molecules, usually phospholipids and cholesterol. One of the lipids (usually phospholipids) forms a phospholipid bilayer in aqueous solution, while the other lipid (usually cholesterol) is inserted into the phospholipid bilayer. In order to form bicelles, the right combination of lipids needs to be selected. Common phospholipids include Phosphatidylcholine (PC), Phosphatidylglycerol (PG), and Phosphatidylethanolamine (PE). BOC Sciences offers lipid products for bicelle formation that allow bicelles to be controlled by adjusting the ratio of phospholipids to cholesterol. By adjusting the ratio of phospholipids to cholesterol, the size, shape and stability of the bicelle can be controlled to meet different research needs.

Formation of bicelles and stacked bicelles from DPPCFig. 1. Formation of bicelles and stacked bicelles from DPPC (Advanced Materials. 2018, 30(25): 1707482).

The ratio of phospholipids to cholesterol plays an important role in the stability of Bicelles. In general, increasing cholesterol content increases bicelle stability, while increasing phospholipid content improves bicelle deformability. In addition, temperature and pH conditions also affect the stability of bicelle. Proper pH conditions ensure the stability of lipids and other components and promote bicelle stability.

Lipid for Bicelle

Acyl Anionic Lipids

Acyl anions are negative ions formed when the carboxylic acid group (COOH) in a fatty acid molecule loses a negative charge (COO-). Acyl anionic lipids typically consist of two parts: the fatty acid and a functional group capable of producing an anion. Acyl anionic lipids can be used as surfactants with good dispersing and emulsifying properties for the preparation of nanoparticles, colloids and microemulsions.

Acyl Cationic Lipids

Acyl cationic lipids are electrostatically attracted to negatively charged nucleic acids to form stable complexes. These complexes protect nucleic acids from degradation and enhance cellular uptake of nucleic acids by interacting with negatively charged cell membranes.

Acyl Zwitterionic Lipids

Acyl zwitterionic lipids are able to interact with oppositely charged components of cell membranes. This neutral ionic interaction promotes binding and interpenetration of lipids into cell membranes, thus playing a role in applications such as drug delivery, targeted delivery, and cell therapy.

Applications of Bicelle

Structural Biology Analysis

Through the use of appropriate lipid fractions and ratios, bicelles with different sizes and shapes can be formed for solubilizing and stabilizing membrane proteins or membrane protein complexes. This lipid environment can provide a simulation similar to that of a biological membrane and help study the structure, dynamics and interactions of membrane proteins.

Membrane Protein Functional Analysis

By modulating the lipid components and properties in the bicelle, different cellular membrane environments can be simulated to study the activity, stability and interactions of membrane proteins with other molecules.


By combining biosensing elements or analytical reagents with bicelle, a stable environment can be provided to enhance signaling and sensitivity.

BOC Sciences can provide high quality, reliable products, and consistently provide consistent performance and functionality, which will enable us to build a good reputation and customer trust. In addition, our products have unique and innovative features that provide a competitive advantage by solving market or customer problems. If you are interested in our lipid products or you need customized products, feel free to contact us.


  1. Li, Q. et al. Self-Assembled Breathing Grana-Like Cisternae Stacks. Advanced Materials. 2018, 30(25): 1707482.

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