Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
BPG-3244 Soya Lecithin 8030-76-0 Inquiry
BPG-3245 E. coli Extract Total 1240502-50-4 Inquiry
BPG-3246 Liver Extract Total 86088-91-7 Inquiry
BPG-3247 Heart Extract Total 86088-90-6 Inquiry
BPG-3248 Brain Extract Total 86088-88-2 Inquiry
BPG-3249 C12-NBD Phytosphingosine 388566-94-7 Inquiry
BPG-3250 Yeast Extract Total Inquiry
BPG-3251 Yeast Extract Polar Inquiry

BOC Sciences offers our customers a wide range of naturally derived lipids, including yeast extract, soy lecithin, E. coli extract, heart extract and more. While providing you with products, we can also provide you with product customization to help you complete the development of the project as soon as possible, which can be better developed in the field of biotechnology and medical therapy.

What are Natural Lipid Extracts?

Natural lipid extracts refer to lipid fractions derived from animals, plants, and microorganisms found in nature. Naturally derived lipids provide effective value in the fields of biology, medicine, etc. Natural lipid extracts provide a unique opportunity to not only present natural lipid diversity to purified membrane proteins, but also to identify lipids that may be important to membrane protein structure and function.

Extraction of lipids from microalgaeFig. 1. Extraction of lipids from microalgae (Food chemistry. 2022, 384: 132236).

Examples of Natural Lipid Extracts

E. coli Extract

E. coli extract refers to a mixture of lipids obtained from the bacterium Escherichia coli. E. coli extracts can be used in biological studies to study cell membrane composition and function.

Brain Extract

Brain extract refers to the lipid fraction extracted from animal brain tissue. This product can be used to study the structure, function and pathogenesis of the nervous system.

Liver Extracts

Liver lipid extracts can be used to study the physiological functions, metabolic pathways, drug metabolism and toxicity mechanisms in addition to the liver. It can also be used to establish liver disease models, assess the hepatotoxicity of drugs, and study the molecular mechanisms of liver diseases.

How to Extract Natural Lipids?

  • Product screening. Based on the market research, suitable substances from natural lipid sources, such as parts of animal and plant tissues, are selected.
  • Lipid extraction. Utilizing professional and advanced technology, lipids from natural ingredients are extracted.
  • Separation and purification. Remove excess impurities through various steps, such as, centrifugation, filtration, precipitation. And using purification techniques, the extract is purified to obtain a high-quality product.
  • Decolorization. This step needs to be performed according to the extraction of different types of lipids, and if the lipid extracts are dark in color, which affects their application, they need to be decolorized.
  • Concentration and drying. The final obtained lipid extracts are concentrated and dried to obtain high-purity and high-quality natural lipid extract products.

Advantages of Natural Lipids

Following extensive development and meticulous research, it has been revealed that naturally derived lipids hold immense potential for the treatment of a diverse array of diseases. The intricate composition of natural lipid extracts encompasses a myriad of lipid molecules, which intricately intertwine to yield a synergistic effect, thereby bestowing a broader spectrum of biological activities and functions. Moreover, the inherent biocompatibility and efficacy of natural lipid extracts are unparalleled, owing to their origin from natural substances that closely resemble human tissue.

BOC Sciences, as a supplier of biochemical products, offers a wide range of natural lipids products. If the product you want is not on the list, feel free to contact us and we can provide you with a customized solution for your product.


  1. Zhou, J. et al. Extraction of lipids from microalgae using classical and innovative approaches. Food chemistry. 2022, 384: 132236.

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