PEG & Cosmetic Solutions

PEG and Cosmetic Solutions

Polyethylene glycol (PEG) includes a class of compounds with molecular weights between 200 and 10,000. Due to its solubility, viscosity, and low toxicity properties, PEG and its anionic or nonionic derivatives are used in a wide variety of cosmetics, including surfactants, cleansers, emulsifiers, skin conditioners, and moisturizers. BOC Sciences provides the highest quality and comprehensive PEG & cosmetic solutions at the most competitive prices. All our products are delivered to our customers with a complete quality control package which includes HPLC and MS analysis.

Introduction of PEG for Cosmetics

Introduction of PEG for Cosmetics

PEG and its derivatives show good solubility in water, toluene, acetone, ethanol and methylene chloride. The properties of different compounds vary depending on the number of monomers in the polymer chain. Compounds with lower molecular weights are usually liquids, while higher molecules (i.e. longer polymer chains) are more viscous, so the substance appears as paste, wax or solid. Unlike volatile organic compounds, liquid PEGs (those with low molecular weights) are non-volatile. Additionally, PEG is flame retardant and biodegradable. Therefore, compounds classified as PEGs generally exhibit good stability in acids, bases, oxidizing and reducing agents.

Introduction of PEG for Cosmetics

PEG and its derivatives cause little eye or skin irritation and have very low acute and chronic toxicity. In cosmetics, PEG can be used directly or in the form of its derivatives. PEG has two terminal primary hydroxyl groups, which can form mono, di and polyester, ether, amine and acetal. PEG can also react by forming adducts or complexes on its ether bridge. Therefore, PEG and its derivatives with a wide molecular weight range (200 to over 10,000) are safe for use in cosmetics, including PEG fatty acid esters, PEG ethers, PEG amino ethers, PEG castor oil, PEG propylene glycol, etc.

Our PEG Synthesis Technical Platforms

In addition to providing general-purpose PEG products, we also provide custom synthesis services of PEG derivatives for the needs of the cosmetics field. We can adjust the length of PEG and modify substituents according to your specific needs to obtain PEG derivatives with different molecular weights.

  • PEG fatty acid esters (e.g. PEG laurates, dilaurates, stearates, and distearates)
  • PEG ethers (e.g. laureths, ceteths, ceteareths, oleths, and PEG ethers of glyceryl cocoates)
  • PEG amine ethers (PEG cocamines)
  • PEG castor oils
  • PEG propylene glycols
  • PEG soy sterols
  • PEG beeswax

PEG Solutions for Cosmetic Development and Manufacturing

BOC Sciences can provide support services for humectants, solvents, adhesives, emulsion stabilizers and viscosity builders in a variety of personal care products. Our PEGs and derivatives are widely used in toothpaste, body lotion, deodorant sticks, shaving cream, hand cream, face cream, rouge, blush, mascara, lipstick, bath products and hair care products.

  • PEG & Emulsifier

Emulsifiers are mainly used in cream emulsions, lotions and curative cosmetics. In every formulation, the choice of emulsifier is a critical step. Therefore, the development of high-efficiency, easy-to-operate, safe and stable emulsifiers is the key to the production of high-quality cosmetics. Formulating emulsions with PEG extends the life of the substance and therefore the life of the product.

  • PEG & Moisture Stabilizer

PEG and Moisture Stabilizer

Moisture in cosmetic formulations is maintained at an appropriate level through compounds such as PEG. Cosmetics containing water stabilizers not only ensure sufficient consistency of the product, but most importantly are excellent as formulations designed for dry skin. PEG as a hydrophilic compound binds water molecules on the surface to produce a closed layer. It keeps moisture at an appropriate level to keep the skin healthy and conditioned.

  • PEG & Washes

PEG and its derivatives, as cosmetic ingredients, play an efficient role in the process of removing pollutants. This property is determined by their molecular structure, that is, PEG belongs to surfactants with hydrophobic-hydrophilic properties. As detergent substances, they are responsible for wetting surfaces, peptizing and hydrolyzing fats, and emulsifying and dispersing contaminants, which are then removed from surfaces by the carrier.

  • PEG & Consistency Regulators

PEG with different relative molecular mass levels can be used to change the viscosity, hygroscopicity and organizational structure of cosmetics and daily chemicals. As a key parameter for the stability of emulsions, viscosity coefficient is crucial to confirm the quality of cosmetics. We can provide PEG products with different molecular weights to support the customer's daily chemical product development process.

Our PEG Solution Service Workflow

Our PEG Solution Service Workflow

What Can We Offer for Your Cosmetic PEG?

  • One-stop development solutions
  • Responsive project management
  • Professional and skilled research team
  • Rich experience in pegylation technology
  • Well-equipped comprehensive analytical support
  • Pilot and commercial scale production

If you are interested in our PEG solutions in cosmetics, contact us to learn more.

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