Small-molecule Biotin PEG

BOC Sciences offers a wide range of small-molecule biotin PEG products whose molecular weight is primarily controlled by the composition of the PEG. We also offer functionalized small molecule biotin PEGs with functional groups such as alkyne, propionate, amine, and thiol groups. Small-molecule biotin PEG is a class of compounds that combine biotin and PEG. Small-molecule biotin PEG has the capability to alter biotin's physicochemical characteristics, including its solubility and stability. The binding of biotin and PEG can be achieved chemically and the interaction of biotin with other molecules can be modulated by adjusting the length and density of the PEG chains.

Synthesis of HYNIC-lys(Cy5.5)-PEG4-biotinFig. 1. Synthesis of HYNIC-lys(Cy5.5)-PEG4-biotin (Scientific Reports. 2016, 6(1): 18905).

Examples of Small-molecule Biotin PEGs


Biotin-PEG6-acid refers to the introduction of biotin into molecules with amine groups for modifying surfaces or nanoparticles to enhance their biocompatibility, stability, and functionality.


Biotin-PEG4-hydrazide can be used to introduce biotin into molecules with aldehyde or ketone groups, such as sugars, drugs, polymers, and others.


Biotin-PEG4-amide contains a biotin molecule, a PEG chain, and an amide functional group in its structure. Biotin-PEG4-amide can be used for labeling, purification, and other biotechnology applications of biomolecules to enhance the properties and stability of the target molecule.

Features of Small-molecule Biotin PEG


Small-molecule biotin PEG compounds can introduce molecules with different chemical properties through different functional groups. This allows them to be useful in many different applications such as labeling, purification, drug delivery, biosensing, and bioimaging.


The binding between biotin and streptavidin is reversible and the complex can be dissociated by increasing the concentration of free biotin. This reversibility gives small-molecule biotin PEG compounds an advantage during multiple uses and regeneration.


Adjusting the dimensions and configuration of PEG chains allows for the regulation of the solubility, binding strength, and function of small-molecule biotin PEG molecule compounds.

Applications of Small-molecule Biotin PEG


Small-molecule biotin PEG compounds can be used to construct biosensors for detecting and measuring the presence and concentration of specific molecules or analytical targets.

Biomolecular Labeling

Biotin is introduced into a molecule by reacting with a specific functional group in the target molecule, thus enabling its optical, fluorescent, or radioactive labeling. These labeled molecules can be used for localization, visualization, and tracking of biomolecules.

Affinity Purification

The high affinity between biotin and the affinity chain mycoplasma makes small-molecule biotin PEG compounds an important tool for the isolation and purification of target proteins or other biomolecules.


Probes for bioimaging can be constructed by combining biotin PEG compounds with fluorescent dyes or radionuclides. These probes can be used in techniques such as optical imaging, fluorescence microscopy observation, positron emission tomography (PET), and single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) to visualize and quantify molecules, cells, or tissues in living organisms.

BOC Sciences has developed a wide range of biotin PEG products, including multi-arm biotin-PEG, small-molecule biotin PEG, and functionalized biotin PEG, to meet the diverse needs and specifications of researchers and manufacturers. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.


  1. Dong, C. et al. SPECT/NIRF dual modality imaging for detection of intraperitoneal colon tumor with an avidin/biotin pretargeting system. Scientific Reports. 2016, 6(1): 18905.

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