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BPG-0534 MAL-PEG-MAL, MW 600-20k Inquiry

Synonyms: Maleimide-PEG-Maleimide; MAL-polyethylene glycol-MAL; Maleimide-polyethylene glycol-Maleimide

MAL-PEG-MAL is a linear molecule containing maleimide groups at both ends of the molecule, which is a PEG derivative. At pH 6.5~7.5, the maleimide groups can selectively react with thiol by means of Michael addition to form stable C-S bonds. In this way, MAL-PEG-MAL can be used to modify proteins, peptides, or other surfaces containing sulfhydryl groups. It can also be used to cross-link site-specific proteins and peptides. Also, by reacting with drugs, it changes the dispersity and solubility of drug molecules in aqueous solutions. MAL-PEG-MAL is stored with about 200 PPM of hydroquinone as an inhibitor.

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PEGylation of Peptides and Proteins

PEGylation of Peptides
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Reduce the Immunogenicity of Peptide/Protein Drugs

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