PEG & Medical Devices Solutions

PEG and Medical Devices Solutions

Polyethylene glycol is a synthetic polymer material with the best biocompatibility. In addition to being widely used in the long-term and synergistic effects of drugs, its application in medical devices is also being developed. Because polyethylene glycol materials have the advantages of solubility, good biocompatibility, non-toxicity, and low immunogenicity, they can be widely used in medical device materials such as adhesion, hemostasis, anti-leakage, and anti-adhesion in various surgical wounds. Meanwhile, polyethylene glycol materials can also be used as raw materials for implanted human medical devices, replacing the widely used plant-derived, animal-derived and human-derived materials, so they have extremely wide medical uses. BOC Sciences is an experienced and excellent PEG research service provider. We are committed to providing detailed data and comprehensive services for your medical device research, and are happy to provide the best support with our rich experience and advanced platform.

Application of PEG in Medical Devices

The most widely used PEG derivative in medical devices is multi-armed PEG (4-Arm PEG and 8-Arm PEG). Due to the relatively large molecular weight, the multi-arm PEG derivatives can form hydrogels, which are characterized by softness, high water content, elasticity, and high biocompatibility. As a new type of soft and wet material, PEG hydrogel has attracted extensive attention in recent years for its applications in biosensing, drug delivery, tissue engineering, soft robotics, etc. In addition, PEG hydrogels can also be used as a sustained drug release system. When the drug-embedded hydrogel is transplanted or injected into the organism, the hydrogel releases the drug into the body fluid in a controlled manner, thereby exerting curative effect. PEG-based tissue sealants or tissue isolation medical devices can be widely used in surgery or tumor radiotherapy, and have broad prospects.

Our PEG Solutions for Medical Devices

BOC Sciences offers hydrogel crosslinking services of multi-armed PEG derivatives with high purity and low polydispersity. We have the capability to provide milligram to kilogram production of cGMP and non-GMP grade multi-armed PEG derivatives to meet your needs. In addition, we provide customized solutions for the development needs of PEG-based medical devices:

Surgical Closure and Hemostasis

  • Surgical Closure and Hemostasis

Surgical closure and hemostasis are currently one of the main applications of PEG gel products, including various surgical scenarios such as ophthalmology, brain supplementation, and spine. After being sprayed onto the wound, PEG hydrogel can be rapidly solidified to prevent wound bleeding and infection, and degrade spontaneously after wound healing. At the same time, the hydrogel is sprayed onto the organ surface, which can effectively prevent the adhesion of internal organs during surgery. BOC Sciences is committed to providing PEG derivatives with good biocompatibility. Our PEG derivatives will not cause abnormal reactions in the human body, will not be absorbed by the human body, and will be metabolized out of the human body.

Tissue Isolation for Radiation Therapy

  • Tissue Isolation for Radiation Therapy

Tissue isolation for radiation therapy is a frontier application field for polyethylene glycol gel products. When cancer patients are treated with radiotherapy, the isolation between different tissues can be achieved by injecting polyethylene glycol gel between tissues, thereby effectively reducing the radiation dose to other healthy tissues. Tissue isolation can effectively reduce the damage of radiation to surrounding healthy tissues while killing cancer cells. BOC Sciences provides the most comprehensive support services for organizational isolation projects of global pharmaceutical R&D customers. As a new type of crosslinking agent, our PEG derivatives can increase the degradation time of the product and reduce the side effects.

Filling Medical Devices

  • Filling Medical Devices

As a non-toxic and safe polymer material, PEG derivatives can also be used in the development of filled medical devices. The macromolecules formed by the cross-linking of PEG derivatives have a more three-dimensional spatial structure, which can maintain excellent supporting force for a long time, and exhibit stronger adhesion, effectively preventing displacement after implantation. In addition, PEG hydrogels can also be used to prepare absorbable implantable drug release systems. BOC Sciences provides a variety of multi-arm polyethylene glycol derivatives and supporting technical services that can be used in medical devices. Our PEG-based medical device solutions involve multiple innovative varieties such as PEGylated peptides, nanocarriers, cytokines, nucleic acids and small molecule drugs.

Our PEG Solution Service Workflow

Our PEG Solution Service Workflow

Our PEG Development Advantages

  • One-stop development solutions
  • Responsive project management
  • Professional and skilled research team
  • Rich experience in pegylation technology
  • Well-equipped comprehensive analytical support
  • Pilot and commercial scale production

If you are interested in our PEG medical devices solutions, contact us to learn more.

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