Norbornene PEG

PEG-Norbornene is a compound consisting of polyethylene glycol and a norbornene group. PEG-Norbornene can be used as a monomer in polymerization reactions, where it participates in the polymerization reaction together with other reactive monomers to form materials with specific functions. By adjusting the conditions of the polymerization reaction and the selection of monomers, it is possible to precisely regulate the properties of the material, such as adjusting the degree of cross-linking and solubility of the material. Currently, BOC Sciences offers a variety of moieties for modifying PEG-Norbornene, including 4-Arm, 8-Arm, and mPEG-Norbornene.


Examples of Norbornene PEG

4-Arm PEG-Norbornene

4-Arm PEG-Norbornene is a multi-armed linked derivative with a norbornene moiety attached to a core at each end of its four arms. Due to its special structure and double bonds, it causes significant ring tension and pronounced reactions. Norbornene is used in the preparation of hydrogels and other biocompatible materials via thiol reactions. These hydrogels are cross-linked by light-mediated orthogonal reactions between multifunctional norbornene-modified macromolecular monomers and thiol-containing junctions. The 4-Arm PEG derivatives have a variety of reactive groups that allow modification of proteins, peptides, and other materials by their functional groups.

8-Arm PEG-Norbornene

8-Arm PEG-Norbornene has hydrolyzable and degradable ester bonds. It is suitable for copper-free click chemistry with tetrazines and thiol-ene click reactions with thiols to prepare biocompatible materials such as hydrogels. 8-Arm PEG-Norbornene has a branched or comb-like structure and is commonly used in drug delivery systems.


Norbornene-PEG-Norbornene is a PEG derivative whose molecular chain ends are functionalized with norbornene. By using norbornene at both ends of the molecular chain, hydrogels and other biocompatible materials can be prepared by rapid reaction with sulfhydryl groups. These hydrogels are crosslinked by light-mediated orthogonal reactions between multifunctional norbornene-modified macromolecular monomers (e.g., polyethylene glycol, hyaluronic acid, gelatin) and sulfhydryl-containing linkers (e.g., dithiothreitol, PEG-dithiol, dicysteine).

Compatibility of Norbornene PEG

  • Norbornene PEG is compatible with bioactive molecules, drugs, proteins, and cells. By combining Norbornene PEG with these biomolecules, it is possible to improve their solubility, stability and delivery properties for applications such as drug delivery, biosensing and tissue engineering.
  • Norbornene PEG is also compatible with many synthetic materials. By reacting with materials with reactive functional groups, such as polymers, polymer gels and nanoparticles, materials with cross-linking capabilities and modulated release properties can be prepared. These materials have a wide range of applications in areas such as sensors and microfluidics.
  • Some materials may react with norbornene PEG or show poor compatibility. Therefore, compatibility between norbornene PEG and target materials needs to be considered and fully experimentally verified when designing and selecting materials.

Advantages of Norbornene PEG

High Chemical Reactivity

Norbornene PEG has norbornene functional groups, which can connect norbornene PEG to the target material to realize functional extension and change material properties.

Solubility and Tunability

Norbornene PEG has good solubility in water. In addition, the molecular weight and structure of the PEG can be controlled by adjusting the synthesis parameters, allowing customization of norbornene PEG solubility, viscosity and physical properties.

Controlled Release Properties

Norbornene PEG can be reacted with other compounds to control the rate of drug release, carrier stability, and delivery of biologically active substances.

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