PEGylation of Amino Acids

PEGylation involves the covalent attachment of polyethylene glycol (PEG) chains to amino acids, peptides or proteins, which can improve their pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties. BOC Sciences offers comprehensive PEGylation services, including custom synthesis of PEGylated amino acids, analysis and characterization of PEGylated products, and large-scale manufacturing.

PEGylation of amino acids

What Are the Advantages of Polyethylene Glycol?

When PEG is coupled to the surface of drug molecules, its excellent properties are given to the modified drug molecules, which change their biological distribution behavior and solubility in aqueous solution, and create a barrier around the modified drug molecules, reduce the enzymatic hydrolysis of drug molecules, avoid being quickly eliminated in the metabolism of the kidney, and make the drug molecules recognized by immune cells. For example, PEG-modified protein drugs have stronger biological activity, longer half-life, lower maximum plasma concentration, less enzymatic degradation, less immunogenicity and antigenicity, less toxicity and better solubility than unmodified protein drugs. The above advantages are derived from the unique chemical properties of PEG :

  • Unique amphiphilicity: The unique structure makes PEG soluble in both organic solvents and water.
  • Non-immunogenicity: Even though the molecular weight is as high as 5.9×106 Da, the immunogenicity of PEG is very low. At present, the production of anti-PEG antibodies has not been found in clinical treatment with PEG-modified proteins.
  • Non-toxic: Research shows that PEG with a relative molecular weight greater than 1000 is non-toxic and has been used in various foods, cosmetics and drugs.
  • Biodegradable: PEG can be directly cleared from the body without any structural changes. Those with a relative molecular weight less than 20,000 are metabolized by the kidneys, while larger molecules can be metabolized by the digestive system (slowly eliminated in urine or feces).

PEGylation Services of Amino Acids

The process of PEGylation involves the covalent attachment of PEG to amino acid molecule, usually through a reactive group such as an amine or thiol. This modification can be tailored to achieve specific goals, such as increasing the half-life of the therapeutic protein, increasing its solubility, or reducing its immunogenicity. BOC Sciences' amino acid PEGylation services are designed to provide customers with customized solutions to meet their unique needs.

Custom Synthesis of Polyethylene Glycol

BOC Sciences offers a range of polyethylene glycol options for amino acid conjugation to meet the varying needs of our customers. This includes tailoring PEGylation chemistry, linker length, and PEGylation sites to achieve the desired properties of the modified amino acid. Our experienced team of scientists can provide expert guidance on the selection of PEGylation strategies to optimize the performance of modified amino acids.

Custom Synthesis of Amino Acids

BOC Sciences has extensive custom synthesis capabilities for amino acids, including natural and unnatural amino acids. We have an experienced team of chemists and state-of-the-art facilities to perform custom synthesis of amino acids as per the specific requirements of our clients. Chemists at BOC Sciences specialize in conjugating polyethylene glycols with amino acids that can be used to develop novel drug delivery systems, bioconjugates, and other biotechnology applications. Amino acids we support include but are not limited to:

D-Amino AcidsL-Amino AcidsDL-Amino Acids
β-Amino acidsγ-Amino acidsFmoc-Amino Acids
BOC-Amino AcidsCBZ-Amino AcidsCyclic Amino Acids
Bicyclic Amino AcidsAlkynyl Amino AcidsFluorinated Amino Acids
Azido Amino AcidsGlyco Amino AcidsFluorescent Amino Acids
Amino AlcoholAmino AldehydesIsotope Labelled Amino Acids

PEGylation Analysis and Characterization

In addition to its expertise in amino acid PEGylation, BOC Sciences offers comprehensive analytical and characterization services to ensure the quality and consistency of modified amino acids. This includes the use of advanced analytical techniques such as mass spectrometry, HPLC and NMR to confirm the successful PEGylation of amino acids and to assess the purity and identity of the modified products.

Quality Verification and Control

Additionally, BOC Sciences' amino acid PEGylation services are backed by state-of-the-art facilities and stringent quality control measures, ensuring the reliability and reproducibility of their processes. This commitment to quality and consistency is critical to the successful development of PEGylated amino acids for pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications.

What Can PEGylation Offer for Amino Acids?

One of the major advantages of amino acid PEGylation is its ability to improve the pharmacokinetic profile of therapeutic proteins. By attaching PEG to amino acids, the resulting PEGylated protein can reduce clearance from the body, thereby extending half-life and potentially extending the duration of therapeutic effects. This is particularly beneficial for drugs that require frequent dosing or have a short duration of action.

What can pegylation offer for amino acids

In addition to improving pharmacokinetic properties, amino acid PEGylation can enhance protein stability and solubility. The addition of PEG helps protect the protein from degradation and aggregation and improves its solubility in aqueous solutions. This is critical for the development of protein-based therapeutics, as stability and solubility are critical factors for the successful formulation and delivery of these drugs.

PEG cGMP Manufacturing

BOC Sciences has extensive experience in the synthesis and production of PEG, with manufacturing capabilities including custom synthesis, process development and scale-up production. Our PEG manufacturing services can be customized to meet our customers' specific needs, including producing PEGs with varying molecular weights, functional groups and endcapping options. We also offer expertise in PEG modification and derivatization to create custom polymers with unique properties and functionality.

Why Choose BOC Sciences?

  • Professional knowledge reserve and rich project experience: The scientific team has professional knowledge reserve and rich project experience in the design and synthesis of PEG compounds.
  • Customized one-stop service support: One-stop customized PEGylation services can meet the specific needs of each customer to achieve the desired performance and characteristics of the final product.
  • Comprehensive quality verification and control: State-of-the-art equipment and strict quality control measures are used to ensure the purity and consistency of the final product.
  • Product versatility and applicability: Our PEGylation services can be applied to a wide range of compounds, including small molecules, peptides, proteins and antibodies.
  • Enhanced drug properties: PEGylation can improve the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of a compound, such as increasing its solubility, stability, and half-life.
  • Regulatory compliance: Strict regulatory guidelines and industry standards are adhered to in the development and production of PEG, which ensures that the final product meets the safety and quality requirements required for clinical and commercial use.
  • Cost-effective and quick turnaround: Providing a cost-effective solution that allows customers to reap the benefits of PEGylation without requiring extensive in-house resources and expertise.

Case Study

BOC Sciences has a successful track record of providing amino acid PEGylation services to pharmaceutical companies and research institutions. One case study involves the development of PEGylated amino acid drug for the treatment of cancer. By customizing PEG chains and conjugation sites, BOC Sciences is able to optimize a drug's pharmacokinetic profile and stability, thereby increasing efficacy and reducing side effects in preclinical studies. Another success story involves the use of PEGylated amino acids in peptide vaccine formulations. PEGylation services provided by BOC Sciences facilitate the development of stable and immunogenic vaccine candidates with enhanced potency and long-lasting immune responses. These case studies demonstrate the potential of BOC Sciences' amino acid PEGylation services to advance drug development and therapeutic innovation.

Amino acid PEGylation is a powerful tool for modifying the properties of amino acids and has broad applications in drug development and protein engineering. BOC Sciences' amino acid PEGylation services provide customers with a comprehensive and customizable approach to achieve their specific goals, supported by our expertise in PEGylation chemistry, analytical capabilities and commitment to quality. With its extensive experience and resources, BOC Sciences is well-positioned to support the development of PEGylated amino acids for a wide range of pharmaceutical and biotech applications. If you are interested in our amino acid PEGylation services, please contact us for more information.

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