PEG-PLGA Copolymer

PEG-PLGA Copolymer

Polyester poly(DL-lactide-co-glycolide) (PLGA) is a copolymer of two monomers lactic acid (LA) and glycolic acid (GA). The ratio of the monomers and the molecular weight set the identity and properties. Depending on the ratio of lactic acid to glycolide used for the polymerization, different forms of PLGA can be obtained. PEGylated PLGA copolymers are biodegradable polyesters, widely employed for the design of drug delivery systems such as polymeric hydrogels and nanocarriers (e.g. micelles and nanoparticles). The coupling with PEG offers some advantages with the respect to PLGA, including a higher hydrophilicity and a prolonged retention time for nanoparticulate systems, as well as the possibility of preparing thermoresponsive hydrogels. A large variety of pharmacologically active-compounds has been formulated and delivered through PEGy-PLGA copolymers. Their potential applications have been enabled an "active drug targeting" for nanoparticulate systems.

BOC Sciences offers PEG-PLGA copolymers of different PEG and PLGA molecular weights for use in drug discovery research. In addition, we also offer PEG-PLGA copolymers modified with acid, amine, maleimide, azide, N-hydroxysuccinimide groups, et al.

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BOC Sciences supplies a unique variety of PEG derivatives and functional PEG polymers. Our products offer the most diverse collection of reactivity, ready-to-use functionality, and molecular weight options that you will not find anywhere else.

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