Forked PEGs Synthesis

Forked PEGs Synthesis

Like branched PEG, forked PEG has two reactive groups at one end of a single PEG chain or branched PEG, rather than a single functional group at the end of two PEG chains. In addition to providing Y-shaped PEGs and multi-arm PEGs synthesis services, BOC Sciences also provides custom synthesis of forked PEGs and corresponding PEGylation services. We specialize in the synthesis of forked PEG derivatives with various functional groups for PEGylation chemistry.

Introduction of Forked PEGs

Currently, many applications of forked PEGs in drug development, delivery, and diagnostics have been reported. Harris et al. first synthesized forked PEG by attaching a single functional group with a trifunctional linker (such as serinol or glutamic acid) to the end of the polymer backbone. The remaining proximal functional groups, which are linked to a central carbonatom, are able to react with two other molecules,which can be the same or different, to produce aPEG molecule that contains two molecules at asingle terminus of the PEG chain. Arnold et al. synthesized PEG compounds with terminal metal-chelating groups consisting of two free carboxylic acids or amino groups attached to a central nitrogen atom. This PEG compound is used for the extraction and precipitation of proteins from solution where carboxylic acids or amino groups together with nitrogen atoms are capable of forming ionic complexes with metal ions. A similar PEG compound was synthesized by Martinez et al. The hydroxyl-containing portion is attached to two terminal carboxylic acid groups to create a PEG-linked prodrug.

arious PEG structures. (1) Branched PEG (PEG2), (2) Y-shaped PEG, and (3) branched forked PEG.Fig. 1. Various PEG structures. (1) Branched PEG (PEG2), (2) Y-shaped PEG, and (3) branched forked PEG.

Forked PEGs can be used to conjugate molecules where the benefit is bringing the two parts closer to each other, for example, dimerization of cell surface receptors to activate cellular mechanisms. Additionally, it is of interest to conjugate the F(ab) fragment of the antibody with the proximal reactive group to generate a conjugate that closely resembles the structure of the full-length antibody. Another useful property of forked PEG is the increased loading capacity of small molecule drugs.

Our Forked PEGs Synthesis Capabilities

  • Design the synthetic route of PEG
  • Purification and characterization
  • Process development and optimization
  • Prepare high quality test batches (gram scale)
  • Process scale-up
  • Manufacturing (kilo lab) non-GMP or according cGMP

BOC Sciences leverages decades of development and manufacturing expertise in innovative PEGs, multifunctional modified PEGs, PEG copolymers, and PEG conjugates to provide customized synthesis of forked PEG to global users. Our dedicated and experienced technical scientists are equipped to identify the appropriate forked PEG for your research project. We can meet the unique needs of your project with the highest quality in the shortest possible time.


  1. Roberts, M.J. et al. Chemistry for peptide and protein PEGylation. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews. 2002, 54: 459-476.

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