Dendritic PEGs Synthesis

BOC Sciences provides professionals all around the world with high-quality dendritic PEGs synthesis services. Our team of skilled chemists creates dendritic PEGs of varied sizes and functions using cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge machinery. Design, synthesis, and characterisation of dendritic PEGs with exact molecular weights, polydispersity, and functional groups are all included in our PEGs synthesis services. In order to further serve our clients' specific needs, we now provide custom dendritic PEGs synthesis services.

What is Dendritic PEG?

A particular kind of dendritic polymer called dendritic PEG consists of a central core molecule with several branches branching outward. PEG chains, which are hydrophilic and biocompatible, make up these branches. Due to their high branching and abundance of functional groups on their surface, dendritic PEGs are suitable for a variety of applications, including as drug delivery, imaging, and diagnostics. Dendritic PEGs' surface PEG chains can be altered with a variety of functional groups to improve their characteristics and allow for tailored distribution to particular tissues or cells. Additionally, dendritic PEGs are also very biocompatible because the PEG chains on their surface can thwart immune recognition and lower the possibility of toxicity or immunogenicity.

Application of dendritic PEG in polymer micellesFig. 1. Application of dendritic PEG in polymer micelles (Nanomedicine. 2018, 14(6): 1879-1889).

Size or generation can be used to categorize dendritic PEGs. The number of branching points or generations of growth is referred as as a dendritic PEG's generation. The molecule grows increasingly branched and complicated as generation increases. Dendritic PEGs can also be classified based on their structure, such as dendrimers, hyperbranched polymers, or star polymers. Dendritic PEGs can also be categorized using functional groups like carboxylic acids, amines, or hydroxyl groups.

Applications of Dendritic PEGs

Applications for dendritic PEGs in imaging, diagnostics, and medication administration are numerous. Due to their capacity to encapsulate pharmaceuticals and enhance their solubility and bioavailability, they are employed as drug carriers. Because to its capacity to target particular tissues and cells, dendritic PEGs are also utilized in imaging applications including MRI and PET imaging. Additionally, due to their high sensitivity and specificity, dendritic PEGs are utilized in biosensing and diagnostic applications.

Our Dendritic PEG Synthesis Technologies

Synthesis of dendritic PEGs generally depends on the type of dendritic nucleus used. BOC Sciences can provide common types of dendritic nuclei to support customers' research and production needs.

Hyperbranched Dendritic PEGs

These polymers have a highly branched dendritic core, typically synthesized using Michael addition or self-condensing vinyl polymerization. BOC Sciences can synthesize hyperbranched dendritic PEGs using the Michael addition reaction between a multifunctional core molecule and a PEG-based monomer. This approach allows for the synthesis of highly branched polymers with a range of sizes and properties.

Dendronized PEGs

In this case, the dendritic core is composed of multiple copies of a smaller dendron unit, which is then conjugated to a linear PEG chain. This approach allows for precise control over the size and shape of the dendritic core. Synthetic chemists from BOC Sciences can provide custom synthesis of dendronized PEGs based on specific customer requirements. This includes the synthesis of dendronized PEGs with specific functionalities, sizes, and properties.

Star-shaped PEGs

These polymers have a central core composed of multiple arms or branches, each of which is conjugated to a linear PEG chain. Star-shaped PEGs can be synthesized using a variety of techniques, including click chemistry and atom transfer radical polymerization. BOC Sciences employs rigorous quality control measures to ensure the purity and quality of star-shaped PEGs. This includes analytical testing using techniques such as NMR and HPLC, as well as physical characterization using techniques such as DLS and TEM.

Dendrimeric PEGs

These are dendritic polymers with a highly branched core and multiple layers of PEG chains radiating outwards. They can be synthesized using a variety of techniques, including divergent or convergent synthesis. BOC Sciences has expertise in the PEG synthesis fields, which enables us to offer custom synthesis services for dendrimeric PEGs. To satisfy certain research objectives, we may offer a variety of dendrimeric PEGs with various sizes, functional groups, and conjugation techniques.

Synthetic Steps of Dendritic PEGs

Application of dendritic PEG in polymer micelles

We at BOC Sciences are dedicated to giving our customers the best possible quality and service. We offer the expertise and capabilities in the PEG field to provide the highest quality dendritic PEG synthesis services, whether you need them for drug delivery, imaging or other applications. To find out more about our offerings and how we can help you develop your study, get in touch with us right now.


  1. Hsu, H.J. et al. Dendritic PEG outer shells enhance serum stability of polymeric micelles. Nanomedicine. 2018, 14(6): 1879-1889.

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