Functionalized PEG Lipids

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
BPG-2971 DSPE-PEG (2000) Biotin 385437-57-0 Inquiry
BPG-2972 DSPE-PEG-COOH sodium salt 1403744-37-5 Inquiry
BPG-2978 DMG-PEG 2000 1397695-86-1 Inquiry
BPG-2979 DSPE-PEG(2000) Cyanur ammonium salt 1246304-74-4 Inquiry
BPG-2980 DSG-PEG 2000 308805-39-2 Inquiry
BPG-2981 DPPE-PEG(2000)Azide Ammonium salt 2315262-00-9 Inquiry
BPG-2982 18:0 PEG2000 PE CF 1092697-61-4 Inquiry
BPG-2983 Bis-DSPE PEG(2000) Disodium salt 2260795-82-0 Inquiry
BPG-2984 Pegylated Remote Loadable Liposome (2 mL) Inquiry
BPG-2985 Pegylated Remote Loadable Liposome (5 mL) Inquiry
BPG-2986 16:0 PA-PEG3-mannose Ammonium salt 2260670-46-8 Inquiry
BPG-2987 18:1 PE-PEG(2000)-benzylguanine 2389168-47-0 Inquiry
BPG-2988 Azido-PEG2000-Carboxy 139747-01-6 Inquiry

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BOC Sciences supplies a unique variety of PEG derivatives and functional PEG polymers. Our products offer the most diverse collection of reactivity, ready-to-use functionality, and molecular weight options that you will not find anywhere else.

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PEGylation of Peptides and Proteins

PEGylation of Peptides
and Proteins

Reduce the Immunogenicity of Peptide/Protein Drugs

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PEG linkers For Drug

Improved Circulation Half-Life

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