Small-molecule Homobifunctional PEG

BOC Sciences offers a wide range of small-molecule homobifunctional PEG products. The functional groups can be amines, thiols, carboxyls, aldehydes, etc., depending on the application you need. Small-molecule homobifunctional PEG refers to a compound that combines two identical small molecules with a polyethylene glycol molecule. The two homobifunctional groups of the PEG molecule allow researchers to react with other molecules or surfaces in specific chemical reactions.

Types of Small-molecule Homobifunctional PEG


This type of PEG molecule has hydroxyl (-OH) functional groups at both endpoints. Homobifunctional PEGs are commonly used to react with other compounds or surfaces to form interactions such as covalent or hydrogen bonds.


NH2-PEG-NH2 is commonly used to react with acid groups or other functional groups to form amination or coupling reactions. We offer Amino-PEG11-amine, Amino-PEG9-amine, Amino-PEG8-amine, Amino-PEG7-amine and others.


Dithiol-based PEG is commonly used to react with other thiol compounds to form disulfide bonds or interpenetrating cross-linking reactions.


Diels-Alder PEG is commonly used to react with functional groups such as amine or sulfhydryl groups to form aldolization or sulfhydrylation reactions.

Preparation of Small-molecule Homobifunctional PEGs

PEG Screening

According to the characteristics of the target molecule to be prepared, PEG molecules with suitable molecular weight and active terminal groups are selected.

Functional Group Introduction

Introduce the target small molecule functional groups into PEG, which can be amine groups, thiol groups, etc.

Chemical Reaction

A first small molecule compound with a reactive group is added to the dissolved PEG. After a period of reaction, a second small molecule compound having a reactive group is added. After completion of the reaction, the product is extracted and purified from the reaction mixture by appropriate purification methods (e.g., solvent extraction, washing, distillation, etc.).

Purification and Characterization

The prepared small-molecule homobifunctional PEG is purified by appropriate purification methods, and the product is then characterized using appropriate analytical techniques to ensure its structure and purity.

Optimization of Small-molecule Homobifunctional PEG

Optimization of Reaction Conditions

Systematic adjustment of the reaction temperature and reaction time allows for the determination of optimal reaction conditions. The optimal molar ratio between reactants is then determined to keep the reaction at the most efficient stoichiometric ratio.

Catalyst Optimization

According to the type of reaction and the characteristics of the functional groups, suitable catalysts are selected, such as acidic catalysts, basic catalysts, or metal catalysts.

Optimization of Purification Method

Select the most suitable purification method, such as column chromatography, counter-current chromatography, freeze-drying, etc., to remove impurities and unreacted substances and to obtain products of high purity.

Functions of Small-molecule Homobifunctional PEGs


Small-molecule homobifunctional PEG can be used to link biomolecules (e.g. proteins, antibodies, peptides, etc.) to other molecules or surfaces.

Surface Modification

Small-molecule homobifunctional PEG can be used to modify the surface of materials to change their properties and functions.

Bioactivity Modulation

The interaction and activity of PEG with biomolecules can be modulated by introducing specific functional groups on the PEG molecule.

Derivatives of PEG have very excellent properties and can play an important role in a variety of fields. BOC Sciences provides customers with high-quality homobifunctional PEG based on specialized knowledge and experience, as well as technical support for these products. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

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