Dendrimer PEG Copolymer

What is Dendrimer PEG?

Dendrimer PEG copolymer is a co-polymer consisting of PEG and dendrimer. Dendrimers are branched polymer compounds with a layered, repetitive, tree-like structure. BOC Sciences offers a variety of dendrimer PEG copolymer products for use in drug delivery applications, where they have the ability to increase drug loading and provide drug stability.

Synthetic route for PEG dendrimersFig. 1. Synthetic route for PEG dendrimers (New journal of chemistry. 2012, 36(2): 340-349).

Examples of Dendrimer PEG

Dendro Acid-PEG-Dendro Acid

Dendro Acid-PEG-Dendro Acid has two identical activated dendritic terminal groups that increase the molecular weight of the modified drug.

Dendro Amine-PEG-Dendro Amine

Dendro Amine-PEG-Dendro Amine is a hyperbranched dendritic structure. There are two hyperbranched dendritic wedges at the ends of the PEG chain. It is a white solid or viscous liquid whose form depends on its molecular weight and is soluble in most organic solvents. It has various properties such as high structural branching, many functional groups in the molecule, many unit structures in the molecule, low viscosity, and good solubility.

Dendro Azide-PEG-Dendro Azide

Dendro Azide-PEG-Dendro Azide is a dendritic PEG derivative with branched dendritic wedges at the ends of the molecular chain.

Structure of Dendrimer PEG

  • Branching Structure. The branching structure of dendrimer polymers can provide multiple drug loading sites, thereby increasing the amount of drug loaded. The more branches, the larger the drug load is usually. In addition, the branching structure regulates the solubility, stability and biocompatibility of the copolymer.
  • PEG Chain Length. Longer PEG chain segments can increase the affinity of the copolymer to the tissues of the organism, thus improving the in vivo distribution and bioavailability of the drug.
  • Drug Encapsulation. Structural adjustments can affect the mode and strength of interaction between the drug and the copolymer, thus controlling the encapsulation efficiency and stability of the drug.
  • Targeting and Cell Permeability. The functional groups of copolymers can bind to specific receptors or molecules for targeted drug delivery. In addition, the structure of copolymers can affect cell permeability by regulating their size, shape and surface charge, etc., thus improving the cellular uptake and internalization of drugs.

How to Modify Dendrimer PEG?

Structural modifications to dendrimer PEG copolymer can affect its efficacy. The following are common adjustment strategies.

  • Branch Density and Number of Branches. More branches provide more reaction sites and functional groups, increasing the opportunity for interactions with other molecules.
  • Branch Length and Molecular Weight. An increase in branch length and molecular weight increases the loading capacity of dendritic polymers.
  • Peripheral Functional Groups. The introduction of specific functional groups at the periphery of dendritic polymers can increase interactions with other molecules. These functional groups may include ionic groups, hydrophobic groups, ligands or targeting groups, etc.
  • Surface Modification. Modifications to the surface of dendrimer polymers can alter their surface properties. For example, the introduction of hydrophobic modifications can enhance the interaction between the copolymer and the hydrophobic drug and promote drug encapsulation.

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  1. Ramireddy, R.R. et al. Stimuli sensitive amphiphilic dendrimers. New journal of chemistry. 2012, 36(2): 340-349.

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