PEGylation of DNA

BOC Sciences has been an industry leader in bioconjugation technology. We have created a complete PEGylation platform, which can realize preclinical research from the production and supply of upstream raw materials to PEGylated DNA design, synthesis, chemical modification, and delivery system development. We are world-renowned for unrivaled quality and exceptional success rates.

Benefits of DNA PEGylation

PEGylation of DNA

Gene therapy is to introduce DNA into cells as a drug, corrects the effects of mutated genes in the body, and directly and precisely repairs gene mutations, thereby treating diseases. Successful gene therapy depends largely on delivering nucleic acid molecules into cells. However, the safe and effective delivery of therapeutic plasmid deoxyribonucleic acid (pDNA) to cells is one of the major obstacles to the clinical success of gene therapy due to the lack of safe and effective gene delivery vehicles. When polyethylene glycol is coupled to the surface of DNA molecules, it can change the solubility of DNA molecules, form a space barrier, and reduce enzymatic hydrolysis. In addition, PEGylated DNA also has the advantages of attenuating toxicity, reducing immunogenicity, prolonging half-life, changing tissue distribution, and increasing the concentration of target sites, which is the mainstream solution for long-acting drugs.

Solutions of DNA PEGylation

Our PEGylation services of DNA can be highly customized to meet your individual needs and are supported by our dedicated experts and global presence.

Preparation of DNAIncluding cultivation and amplification, bacterial lysis, DNA purification and other steps.
Preparation of functionalized PEGsMainly through multiple steps such as terminal carboxylation, acyl chloride, esterification with polyols, and hydrolysis, different relative molecular weights, terminal functional groups, and block, graft, hyperbranched, or star-shaped PEGs can be obtained.
Preparation of PEGylated DNA
  • Liquid-phase based conjugation between end-reactive PEG and DNA, e.g. PEG with N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) activated ester reacted with amine-modified DNA.
  • Other coupling reactions, including click chemistry, disulfide bond formation, and Michael addition reactions.
  • Solid phase synthesis.
Analysis of PEGylated DNAThese include determining the turbidity of DNA solutions, verifying complex formation using NMR spectroscopy, analyzing the conformational properties of DNA-PEG complexes, studying the structure of DNA-PEG complexes in ultrapure water, studying the stability of PEG-grafted DNA, and more.

Core Equipment

PEGylation of DNA

  • Agarose gel and electrophoresis apparatus
  • Centrifuge
  • Dialysis equipment
  • Lyophilizer
  • Micropipettor
  • Transmission electron microscope
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Vortex mixer
  • Automatic polarimeter
  • Constant humidity titrator
  • Mass spectrometer

Advantages of PEGylation

  • Broadens the range of functional DNA systems
  • Protecting DNA in biopharmaceutical environments
  • Accelerating realization of metal-free catalysis
  • Improve DNA transfection efficiency

Our wide selection of PEGs, and modified methods based on years of research and development experience, provide almost unlimited possibilities for the development of PEGylated DNA products. We can perform synthesis at any scale and level of purity you require, no matter the difficulty. When you partner with BOC Sciences, you minimize the risk of PEGylation failure, ensuring a more worry-free ordering experience and a more efficient delivery process.

In order to provide you with accurate and efficient services, please contact us first and explain your needs, and we will provide you with a quotation as soon as possible.

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